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Our general dental services

Maximize your oral health! Wall Street Dental is your trusted source for all the routine care you need to smile your brightest and feel your very best. Our goal is to understand the full picture of your oral health. We’ll determine what’s going on beneath the surface before recommending treatment.
Female patient being treated at Wall Street Dental

Cleanings & Exams

We prioritize education. Our goal is to empower you to become well-versed not only in at-home oral hygiene but also in every aspect of your oral care.

What to expect

  • Routine cleaning
  • Gum and teeth exam
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Personalized treatment recommendations

Dental Fillings

While they aren’t uncommon, cavities can lead to other dental issues. Dental fillings are a quick and easy procedure to stop the spread of decay and restore the natural tooth form and function.

What to expect

  • Gently numbing the tooth
  • Cleaning out the decay
  • Filling and sealing the tooth with a composite resin
Female patient with open mouth receiving dental inspection
Male patient being examined at Wall Street Dental in Schenectady, NY

Root Canals

When decay goes untreated for too long, it causes infection in the nerve of your tooth. This can be really uncomfortable! A root canal is the best way to stop the pain and save your tooth.

What to expect

  • Numbing the area around the affected tooth
  • Removing infected tissue, cleaning the canal, and sealing it
  • Finishing your root canal with a custom tooth-colored crown

Emergency Dentistry

We’re here for you when you need us most — whether you bit down on a hard piece of food and cracked a tooth, woke up with an achy jaw, or something just doesn’t feel right in your mouth.

What to expect

  • Give us a call and we’ll get you scheduled ASAP
  • Our first priority is getting you out of any pain
  • From there, we’ll determine what’s going on and the best treatment
Female patient during an emergency consult at Wall Street Dental
NY schenectady nightguards for sleep apnea wall street dental

Nightguards for sleep apnea

Night guards for sleep apnea are custom-designed oral devices crafted to alleviate the impact of sleep apnea by promoting better airflow and reducing snoring and sleep disturbances.

What to expect

  • Impressions are taken for a perfect fit
  • Craft a custom nightguard just for you
  • Enjoy a better night’s sleep immediately


Dentures are removable prosthetic devices designed to replace missing teeth, restoring oral functionality and providing aesthetic benefits for individuals who have experienced tooth loss.

What to expect

  • Precision-designed to fit your unique smile and needs
  • Experience enhanced oral functionality and aesthetics
  • Complete and partial denture options are available
NY schenectady dentures wall street dental

All the general dental treatments you need

We’re ready to provide you with outstanding care, no matter what oral health care you need. More treatments we offer:
Smiling man looking through the window at Wall Street Dental

Where do I start?

Our team is excited to meet new patients and wants to make your visit a breeze. We’re trained to make your experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible. And the best part? You’ll be taking a big step toward a healthier smile!

The first step is simple. Reach out to request an appointment and get scheduled for the right type of visit to meet your needs. If you have any questions at all, just let us know — that’s what we’re here for.

Hear from our patients

Absolute gem of a dental office! Everyone from the front office to the dentist was super friendly and helpful. Dr. Nagpal was very thorough and calm and explained everything very clearly. Got great results, and I can’t stop smiling!

— Rob W.

Wall Street Dental is hands down THE BEST dental office I have visited. Dr. Nagpal and Dr. Gaddam and the staff are warm, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable. They are professional and always do an amazing job caring for my teeth.

— Isabel M.

Wall Street Dental deserves a 10/10 in every area of service they offer. This place is amazing and the staff is grade A. I’ve never looked forward to going to a dentist until I found this place. Give your teeth the treatment they deserve by booking with Wall Street Dental! You won’t regret it.

— Mark H.

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